Outside my studio in France

Making the everyday special

My work is a celebration of the everyday experience of eating and drinking, and of private and shared moments.

I am a designer and maker of ceramics. In my studios in the UK and France I create ranges of tableware for everyday use, small collections of pots for more ceremonial moments and individual pieces.

Designing a piece in my studio

designing and making

For me, designing and making are inextricably linked. My work is finely thrown and carefully considered and detailed, but essentially functional, and designed to give lasting pleasure in use.

I am constantly experimenting with new forms and designs – sometimes incorporating unusual materials and nearly always reflecting a particular theme or decorative idea. These I refine into individual pieces and small collections for exhibition, or use as starting points for new ranges for everyday use.

Sienna place setting


I never tire of designing tableware and working out the shapes that will fit together to form a range. My love of cooking and good food plays a big part in this. I enjoy the discipline of throwing consistent shapes and feel it is the bedrock of all that I do.

Over the years I have designed ranges, including for Heals, The Conran Shop and David Mellor Design. I generally have two or three in production at any one time, which are available from my studio and selected outlets.

Complementary pieces - tea pots, jugs, cups and saucers - are normally available and can be ordered directly from my studio.

Ice buckets with acrylic handles

Small collections & One-Off pieces

From time to time I design small collections around a simple theme – like cool drinks on a hot summer’s day – or work on a series of say platters, tea pots or bottle shapes.

This helps to keep my ideas fresh and allows time to make each collection special by refining shapes and considering new glaze combinations.

Along with more individual and experimental pieces, these small series are mostly destined for exhibition. They are also available from my studio, if I can bear to part with them! Drop me an email if you would like to arrange a visit.

Throwing a large bowl in my Soham studio

About myself

I have spent the last 25 years living and working in the UK and more recently have set up a small studio in the Sancerre region of France.

I was born in Ireland and from a young age wanted to be a potter. A quirk of fate led me to train in Paris in an Anglo/Japanese tradition.

This early influence is evident in my work but I am also interested in the pure shapes of Modernism and mid-20th century design.