small Collections

I enjoy designing groups of pots around a specific activity, time of year or moment in the day. By refining form and decorative effects, my goal is to distill a particular idea into a small collection of themed pots made over a relatively short time frame. This gives each collection a coherence and identity that I find especially satisfying.

These small groups and individual pots are intended for special moments when the user can take more time to savour and enjoy, as I have taken in the conception and making of them.

Stoneware teapot with tenmoku glaze and green acrylic handle – French private collection Single and double espresso cups 'Anyone for tennis' Lemonade jug and beakers – UK private collection
Collection of stoneware vases with brushed slip decoration Tea pot Ice buckets
Tea pot Three stoneware bottles with brush decoration Lidded stoneware jar with brushed slip decoration – UK private collection