Water Jug – tenmoku and zircon glazes – UK private collection

small series

From time to time I let my hands drift in a single direction to explore a particular subject. What I’m trying to achieve in refining a form or a decorative effect or both is the distillation of an idea into relatively few pots made in a specific timeframe. It is a more concentrated way of working than when I make my ranges.

I will work on a series of tea pots or jugs or large dishes keeping only the very best. These pots are intended for special moments when the user can take more time to savour as I have taken more time in the making. Some recent small series are illustrated here.

Stoneware teapot with tenmoku glaze and green acrylic handle – French private collection


The teapot form is always a challenge with each element – body, lid, spout and handle – needing to be considered in relation to the others. In these times when the more usual method is a teabag in a mug, making a pot of tea takes on a new significance.

I make teapots in all sizes with various types of handles – small ones with mint green acrylic handles for an after dinner mint tea, left handed ‘tea for me’ pots or larger afternoon tea pots. To complement them I create cups, saucers tea bowls and pourers.

Single and double espresso cups


Not long ago we got an espresso machine and there began a whole new project! Inspired by those little fat coffee cups you get in Italian cafes I created a collection called café noir and collected little coffee bean silver spoons to go with them.

There is a creamy swirl in the bottom of a black cup echoing the crema which a good espresso leaves behind. And for the morning there is a more French option of a café au lait bowl in which to dip crunchy croissants.

'Anyone for tennis' Lemonade jug and beakers – UK private collection

cool drinks on a hot day

I love to make homemade lemonade in the summer so I was inspired to create a jug and beakers for just that purpose.

The simple shapes of “Anyone for Tennis” are rather modernist in feel so I was delighted that a set has found its home in a Barbican appartment. Then my mind turned to Pimms and another jug and beakers sprang to life. Ice buckets, wine coolers and carafes followed.

Three stoneware bottles with brush decoration


We spend a lot of time in France in the little Sancerrois winemaking village of Bué. Nearly all of the 350 inhabitants are engaged in making the famous Sauvignon Blanc and less well known Pinot Noir of the appellation.

We are surrounded by vines on all sides – and bottles! Not surprising then that I should be tempted to create my own version.