AURORA – a stylish collection of 4 bowls, 2 plates and a mug

Handmade in fine white stoneware and decorated with overlapping glazes in deep brown and warm blue-green, Aurora is inspired by the rich dark soil and open landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fens. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and, being handmade, every piece is unique.


My Aurora, Sienna and Luna ranges are based on the same shapes, which means you can combine them if you wish. Complementary pieces – tea pots, jugs etc – are available to order from my studio.

AURORA – table setting: dinner plate (26m), with desssert bowl (11.5cm) and pasta bowl (19cm) in background AURORA – table setting detail AURORA – bowls showing glaze detail
AURORA – dinner plate (26cm) AURORA – three bowls: dessert bowl (11.5cm), soup bowl (15cm), pasta bowl (19cm) AURORA – nest of three bowls: dessert bowl (11.5cm), soup (15cm), pasta bowl (19cm)
AURORA – pasta bowl (19cm) AURORA – cofee mug (9cm) AURORA – salad/fruit bowl (27cm)